Top 5 Most Expensive Cars Bought By Famous African Politicians

Jeep Cherokee

Power and awesome cars is a great combination. Whenever it comes to any news about political leaders of a country, everyone wants to ask about the cars they travel in. Official cars are considered as a symbol of different governments. Also, these cars are specifically chosen as per the power of the associated position. These cars will then depict the power, professionalism, and strength of people. These cars can also be used to show a sense of national identity. This is what makes it difficult to select a specified car for political leaders of the country. Many of these cars are used with the customizations that will suit the level of power.

When it comes to South Africa, there is a lot of money that is spent on the cars of the political leader. Clearly, they love to ride a car which matches their social position. According to an estimate, more than R17.5 has been spent on the luxury cars of SA. All of these cars are one of a kind. They are present in an impressive condition that suits the authority related to the leaders of the state. Here is a list of cars South Asian political leaders are mainly using:


We don’t have to say anything about the car as the name needs no introduction. This car was purchased by Ayanda Dlodlo who is a deputy minister of public service and administration.

Audi Q7

Another model which has no match to its durability, speed, style and luxury, the current cost is from R680, 878 to R971, 424. This model of Audi is considered to be one of the most favorite cars of the political leaders. It is owned by several big names including Siyabonga Cwele who is the telecom minister, Naledi Pandor who is science and technology minister, but Manamela who is a deputy minister in the presidency, Angie Mostshekga who is education minister and finally Tokozile Xasa who is the deputy minister of tourism. All these people are the happy owner of this model of Audi. This long list shows how much this model is loved by the power people of South Africa.

Mercedes Benz

The next on the list is Mercedes Benz which is owned by Tokozile Xasa who is the deputy minister of tourism. Apart from that, Rejoice Mabudafhasi also owned it by being the deputy minister of arts and culture. The price of this model is R962, 793.


Again a car that needs no introduction at all, it is owned by two major names. These names include Faith Muthambi and Rejoice Mabudafhasi. Both of them are the communication ministers. The price of this model is from R887, 168 to R1.065 million.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Last but not the least, this car comes at the price of R626, 661. It is owned by Siyabonga Cwele who is a telecom minister and professor Hlengiwe who is deputy telecom minister.