Know your rights on Namibian roads

Know your rights on Namibian roads

Driving is an important daily activity in Namibia just like other parts of the world. There are road laws and right in Namibia, but only a few percentage knows their road right, there is a need to take time to study and understand these road rights in order to drive safe in Namibia. 

Important driving laws and rights for safe driving in Namibia. 
The type of drivers license and  international driver's licenses permit in Namibia: In Namibia, driver license is required and the driver licensed must be a valid driver license from your country of residence. When your driver’s licensed is not in English, an international driver’s licensed is required. 
The white Namibian "NAM" and South African "ZA" stickers: The white Namibia "NAM" and South African "ZA" sticker helps indicate where the vehicle is from, it helps differentiate South Africa vehicles from Namibia vehicles. 

Seat belt laws: seat belt is very important in Namibia, drivers are expected to wear and  fasten their seat belt while driving. 
Drinking and driving: 0.05% is the permitted blood alcohol limit, but could be avoided when driving. 
Speed limit: The speed limits all depends on the type of road. 120km/h for tarred roads, 80km/h for gravel roads,  and 60km/h in built up areas. 
Maximum driving age: 18 years and above are the maximum driving age and 23years is the required car hiring age. 

Road rules 

  • Drivers must drive on the left hand side of the road. 
  • All road signs must be strictly observed
  • When driving in a dusty condition, your light must be on. 
  • Drive with care when driving within a village or town 
  • Taxis’s are not to be hailed from the street
  • Drivers must have a valid driver’s licensed, insurance document and registered documents at all time. 
  • There are petrol stations in almost in every major towns and rural areas, drivers are to fill up their tanks at every opportunity. 

Parking laws

The road and white signs mean “no parking”, yellow and white signs means short-term parking, while the diagonal white lines are strictly for motorcycles.

Tolls in Namibia

There are toll charges at each section of motorways and they depend on the distance covered. You must ensure you have some change with you while traveling. 
Who to call when they are more road / legal questions or in an emergency situation? The police are to be called when they are more road/legal question or emergency situation by simply dialing “1011”

What are your rights at a road block?

When you encounter a roadblock, make sure you obey any signals or instructions from the police office, once you stop, ensure you put together your driver’s licensed and ID card because you are likely to be asked for them . You also have the right to ask for roadblocks certification and authentication signed by the Provincial Police Commissioner. The police then as the right to inspect your vehicle in order to determine if it is roadworthy or not.