10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Car Owner

Companies make cars with myraids of techbical processes. So the many cars you see on the market, is the many process involved in making them. 

In many countries, driving in public would mean you'd been certified by a legitimate driving school. One challenge with these driving schools is this: they all follow one statutory learning process in getting learners certified for myraids of cars. 

So,  balancing the one process to myraids of processes is a thing that brings challages to car owners even after the learning process offered in the driving school. 

Apart from other things you were taught,  the following 10 things are essential to enjoy a itch free owning, driving, and maintaing process of your car. 

1. Know almost everything about your Car Fluid Consumption

It's very important to understand possibly everything that got to do with your car fluids.  Car fluids includes your engine oil,  your power steering fluid, break fluid, antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid. Basically you should know when they are optimal and when they need to be replaced. 

2. Tyre pressure

It's also essential you have adequate knowledge about your car's tyre pressure. Basically anytime you visit the gas station,  you should ask for their free air station, there you can adjust your tyre pressure. 

3. Interest in car loan

If you must have a good ownership experience as well ss maintenance experience it would be  ideal that you understand the interest rate that will be accruing to your car. 

4. Not paying much on insurance

Similar to the interest rate,  you should seek to know the optimal and cost effective insurance company to de with so that you are not paying more than you would

5. Your breaks working well

It's extremely important to ensure that your break is at it's optimal state. Hence you are also adviced to understand signs relating to your break pad so that at any time you have a sign you would know how to respond appropriately. 

6. Find a good mechanic

In maintenance,  you should always understand that preventive maintenance is better than corrective maintenance so,  you will be better off if you get a qualified mechanic to diagnose your car on a regular basis. 

7. Thoroughly read your car manual:

Reading your car manual is one way to get accostomise with your car.  So avoiding it would mean, not starting well and that will lead to a number of issues in the future. 

8. Change your air filter every six months

Every car owner wants to achieve gas efficiency and one way towards that is to ensure you frequently change your oil filter preferably every six month. 

9. Understand your car engine light

similar to subways,  your car lights mean a ton and understanding them would save you from undue panic. 

10. Do not forget your emergency road side kits

This is essential for all distance but if you are traveling to a far distance,  it's necessary that you go along with you - your emergency kits in case it breaks down on the road.